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By using the Business API Ecosystem you have access to the following key features:

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In those fields where it is expected to create a real ecosystem of apps, data, and services (such as Smart Cities), offering third parties a way to enrich existing services and data, and enable monetization, is a key factor. In this regard, the integrated support for pricing (including pay-per-use modalities), accounting, charging, billing and revenue sharing offered by the Business API Ecosystem can position it one step ahead of the current market.

Additionally, the TMForum APIs are design to enable repeatable and flexible integration among operations and management systems, making it easier to create, build and operate complex innovative services. The Business API Ecosystem exposes its functionality using the standard TMForum APIs; therefore, it takes advantage of the benefits on operation and management offered by such standards, allowing companies that plan to offer data and apps in such ecosystem to not adapt their systems ad-hoc.

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