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(replaced by Data Visualization - Knowage)

What it is

SpagoBI is the 100% open source suite for Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, realized and supported by Engineering Group's SpagoBI Labs. It provides full analytical capabilities, ranging from traditional reporting and charting features to innovative solutions for emerging domains.

Why get it

SpagoBI suite provides full capabilities to get insights on data and turn them into actionable knowledge for effective decision-making processes. It includes not only usual reporting and charting tools, but also innovative solutions for emerging domains, such as location intelligence, KPIs, real-time, mobile, big data, data mining, what-if and social listening. Its modular approach, scalable architecture and open standards ensure easy customization and the development of user-friendly solutions.

Avaliable for:





The Analytical Model is the core of SpagoBI Server and covers the whole range of analytical needs, providing many solutions for each analytical area:

Based on Open Standards adoption, SpagoBI allows the end-user to compose the most suitable BI platform, also mixing open source and proprietary products in order to maximize the overall ROI, to save investments already done, providing quickly the first results with a smooth insertion in pre-existing environments.

The Behavioural Model regulates visibility over documents and data according to the end-users' roles. It allows to:

All the analytical documents are strictly related to the behavioural model. In fact, the behavioural model guides the behaviour of the analytical documents according to the user's role, managing the visibility of documents and data.

The Administration Tools support developers, testers and administrators in their daily work, providing various functionalities, such as:

The Cross Services include the platform common features that can be used on all analytical areas:


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