Data Visualization - Knowage

(formerly known as SpagoBI)

What it is

Knowage is the professional open source suite for modern business analytics over traditional sources and big data systems.

Knowage is the new generation of open source analytical solution, as a natural evolution of the well known SpagoBI. Based on open standards and with a modular offering, Knowage addresses specific domains to particular sub-products, that can be combined each other to get a tailored size in a single solution. The sub-products of the suite are:

The released packages contain all sub-products combined togheter into an unique and complete data analytics solution. Knowage answers to a more modern vision of the data analytics, providing advanced self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, now able to build his own analysis and explore his own data space, also combining data that come from different sources.

Why get it

Knowage suite provides full capabilities to get insights on data and turn them into actionable knowledge for effective decision-making processes. It includes not only usual reporting and charting tools, but also innovative solutions for emerging domains, such as location intelligence, KPIs, real-time, mobile, big data, data mining, what-if, interactive cockpits and self-service capabilities. Its modular approach, scalable architecture and open standards ensure easy customization and the development of user-friendly solutions. Visit for more details.

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Data Visualization - Knowage


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