Software Deployment and Configuration (Sagitta)

What it is

Sagitta (the Software Deployment and Configuration -SDC- GE), which is the key enabler used to support automated deployment (installation and configuration) of software on running virtual machines. As part of the complete process of deployment of applications, the aim of Sagitta is to deploy software product instances upon request of the user using the API or through the Cloud Portal.

The steps to install a product are described in form of recipes that indicates how the software (such as Apache Tomcat, MySQL, or HAProxy) has to be deployed. The recipes describe a series of resources that should be configured to start running in a particular state: packages that should be installed, services that should be running, or files that should be copied. Sagitta makes sure each resource is properly configured, and provides a safe, flexible, easily-repeatable mechanism that ensures all the nodes are always running exactly the way they were expected. Recipes belonging to a single product are aggregated in a cookbook for that product, which is stored and managed by Sagitta framework.

All the available recipes needed for the management of a given product are aggregated in a cookbook following a naming convention. Every product supported by Sagitta must have a cookbook with all the required recipes. Some instructions about how to build cookbooks and recipes can be found in "Recipes for GEs".

IMPORTANT NOTE: This GE reference implementation product is only of interest to potential FIWARE instance providers and therefore has been used to build the basic FIWARE platform core infrastructure of the FIWARE Lab. If you are an application developer, you don't need to create a complete FIWARE instance locally in order to start building applications based on FIWARE. You may rely on instances of FIWARE GEris linked to the Data/Media Context Management chapter, the IoT Services Enablement chapter, the Advanced Web-based User Interface chapter or some GEris of the Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework chapter (WireCloud) as well as the Security chapter (Access Control). Those instances are either global instances or instances you can create on the FIWARE Lab but can also be instance you can create by means of downloading, installing and configuring the corresponding software in your own premises.

Why get it

Sagitta is the key automation platform to be used in the FIWARE Cloud ecosystem in order to install products. This middleware prevent installation of your products in repetitive sequence step, providing the following advantages:

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