Electronic Data Exchange – Domibus

What it is

Domibus is a sample implementation of a CEF eDelivery Access Point. CEF eDelivery helps users to exchange electronic data and documents with one another in a reliable and trusted way. The CEF eDelivery solution is based on a distributed model called the “4-corner model”. In this model, the back-end systems of the users don’t exchange data directly with each other but do this through Access Points. These Access Points are conformant to the same technical specifications and therefore capable of communicating with each other. As a result of this, users adopting CEF eDelivery can easily and safely exchange data even if their IT systems were developed independently from each other.

Why get it

eDelivery helps to achieve the following goals:

Avaliable for:


Use Cases


Back office integrations using pull communication (i.e. Webservice)


Back office integrations using push communication (i.e. JMS)


Usage of the administrative GUI


The Database persistence and file system persistence are logical packages representing the physical data storages used by the platform. The others represent different application layers and give an overview of the organisation of the platform's code.


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