FIWARE CKAN Extensions

What it is

A set of CKAN extensions, developed within FIWARE, which integrates this data portal platform with the main FIWARE GEs, enhancing the default CKAN behaviour with improved access control, publication of right-time context data, and rich visualization features.

In particular, the following extensions are being provided:

Why get it

CKAN is one of the most extended Open Data publication platforms and is becoming the de-fact standard for data publication in Europe. Moreover, CKAN is an open source platform which means it can be easily adapted and expanded.

In this regard, the provided extensions integrate CKAN with the FIWARE platform, enabling the right-time context information served by a context broker to be published as dataset resources, making it easier to be discovered and consumed.

In addition, the integration of the FIWARE Security and Business Frameworks provide an enriched access control and enable explicit acceptance of data terms and conditions, usage accounting, or data monetization.

Finally, the integration with WireCloud let the data providers to create and customize rich visualizations for their data, without the need of installing new extensions of restarting the platform.

Avaliable for:


Architecture of CKAN


A web based open data management platform is designed to sit between a web server/proxy and data systems. The web server or proxy are set up just like for a normal website. Like with any website it depends on its use how the setup for the web server is. It might be enough to have a simple web server to serve that platform. However for for high traffic sites, things like load balancers, caching, and thorough security setup is be needed. Open data management platforms may be able to run on their own (internal web server built in) and use nginx as a proxy to make it accessible.

When it comes to the open data management platform itself, as opposed to the server setup to make it accessible, it can generally be split into two layers: