Cloud Messaging GE (AEON)

What it is

The Cloud Messaging GE (AEON) provides cloud services (channels) to communicate an unlimited number of entities, interchanging an unlimited amount of information. But it is not only about the communication, it also provides services for easily management of entities participating in your environments: mobile, truck, box, thermometer, even yourself...).

The Cloud Messaging GE support two main operation blocks:

The Cloud Messaging GE offers, not only and API to manage all the resources but also it provides different SDKs to start using it by just including it in your code.

Why get it

Each time that you need to develop an application with communication needs, Cloud Messaging GE should be included. It is very difficult to set up a communication environment and it is time you loose on what really matters, develop the main functionalities of your applications. Therefore, Cloud Messaging solves this problem for you, allowing you to focus on your domain. E,g. If you want to develop an application that updates the status of a delivered package in real-time, with a few lines of code, you can update this status from the mobile terminal to the transport operator's back-office.

Avaliable for:




The Cloud Messaging architecture is composed by three main functional blocks:

Every message send it through the publication identifier will be received by the list of subscribers. As extra functionalities, is also in charge of checking messages correctness and the subscriptions requirements. This last point is crucial important, you could share your subscription channels but limiting the audience: registered users, public, payments.

Main Interactions

Cloud Messaging was designed with the idea of being a very easy-to-use software that could allow developers to focus on their real application implementations forgetting about the communication infrastructure, which is usually something very complex and takes a lot of tie on what really matters, the domain application itself. Therefore, here it is shown how easy to use Cloud Messaging is:



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Cloud Messaging - AEON Webpage


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