Backend Device Management (IDAS)

What it is

The IDAS component is an implementation of the Backend Device Management GE.

Its main usage is the Typical IoT use-case Scenario I: Common Simple Scenario of the overall FIWARE IoT architecture.

The Backend Device Management GE is normally the central enabler at the IoT backend for most common scenarios.

As of May 2016, IDAS has been totally refactored according to the feedback provided by FIWARE Developer community. Concretely, the new IDAS (Release 5 onwards) provides:

Why get it

You need this component if you plan to connect IoT devices/gateways to FIWARE-based ecosystems. IDAS IoT Agents translate IoT-specific protocols into the NGSI context information protocol, that is the FIWARE standard data exchange model. You do not need this component if your devices or gateways natively support the NGSI API.

By using this component (in reality just the IoT Agents related to your devices IoT protocols), your devices will be represented in a FIWARE platform as NGSI entities in a ContextBroker. This means that you can query or subscribe to changes of device parameters status by querying or subscribing to the corresponding NGSI entity attributes at the ContextBroker.

Additionally, you may trigger commands to your actuation devices just by updating specific command-related attributes in their NGSI entities representation at the Contaxt Broker.

This way, all developers interactions with devices are handled at a ContextBroker, providing an homogeneous API and interface as for all other non-IoT data in a FIWARE ecosystem.

Main Components

IoT Agents

The IoT Agents are the software modules handling South IoT Specific protocols and North OMA NGSI interaction. The minimum configuration of a Backend Device Management GE in a FIWARE ecosystem includes at least one IoT Agent.

IoT Agents must:

IoT Agents may:


For some specific HW Devices/IoT-end nodes and protocols/APIs, SDKs (client/device side tools) might be optionally provided for certain Hardware platforms in order to facilitate testing and integration activities.

Those SDKs are not installed in the Backend but at the devices or gateways to be connected. However, SDKs depend on specific communciation protocols and thus specific IoT Agents, so they are provided together with them and not as IoT Edge GEs.

IoT Agent Manager

The IoT Agent Manager is an optional module that will interface with all the IoT Agents installed in a datacenter throughtout their Administration/Configuration API. This will enable a single point to launch, configure, operate and monitor all IoT-Agents in a FIWARE Ecosystem.

IoT Edge Management

The IoT Edge Manager is an optional module that will interface with IoT end-nodes, IoT Gateways and IoT network APIs throughtout their IoT Edge API in order to operate and monitor the IoT Edge insfrastructure, that means connectivity, gateways and devices.



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