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What it is

You get the reference implementation of the Authorization PDP Generic Enabler (formerly called Access Control GE). Indeed, as mandated by the GE specification, this implementation provides an API to get authorization decisions based on authorization policies, and authorization requests from PEPs. The API follows the REST architecture style, and complies with XACML v3.0. XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) is a OASIS standard for authorization policy format and evaluation logic, as well as for the authorization decision request/response format. The PDP (Policy Decision Point) and the PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) terms are defined in the XACML standard. This GEri plays the role of a PDP.

To fulfill the XACML architecture, you may need a PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) to protect your application, which is not provided here. For REST APIs, we recommend you use the PEP Proxy by UPM available in the catalogue.

Why get it

Providing authorization for your application is a must for security reasons. However, it is always a complex part to implement, especially for non-security developers, because it involves advanced security concepts (Identity-based, RBAC, ABAC, etc.). Most developers embed the authorization logic within the application code, which makes it hard to maintain, evolve and integrate with external services providing extra authorization attributes. In this regard, the Authorization PDP helps you externalize the authorization logic and take advantage of flexible and standard-compliant Attribute-Based Access Control features. Combined with the Identity Management GE and the PEP proxy, this gives you a comprehensive access control solution for your application.

The Authorization PDP specification defines a RESTful API of an Authorization Policy Decision Point (PDP) compliant with the OASIS XACML standard. More specifically, it defines RESTful interfaces for:

Avaliable for:



The Authorization PDP Generic Enabler provides two main features:

Basic Concepts

The PEP can be deployed as a security proxy that intercepts all HTTP(S) traffic to the Resource Server. This kind of PEP is specified in FIWARE as a GE (with associated Reference Implementation): The PEP Proxy GE. Therefore, please refer to the PEP Proxy GE architecture description for more information.

In some more complex use cases, e.g. with non-web services, it is not possible to delegate the PEP function to the PEP Proxy GE; it is better to develop a custom one, therefore the Custom PEP shown in the diagram of the Overview section.

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