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What it is

FiVES stands for Flexible Virtual Environment Server. It’s main purpose is to provide a platform to maintain data in a generic, flexible and modular data model and to provide a ready-to-use and easy to understand communication mechanism to get this data synchronized to connected client applications in real time. FiVES is an alternative implementation of the Synchronization Generic Enabler that aims at highest flexibility. FiVES is optimized towards synchronizing 3D-UI based applications and comes with an example implementation of a 3D-UI-XML3D based Web-client.

Why get it

There are numerous different applications that can emerge from a setup using FiVES: You may imagine real time multi user scenarios, distributed simulations, synchronization in service oriented network based architectures, and much more.

Avaliable for:



The FiVES project consists of three main parts:


The server needs to hold an internal model of the scene, which is manipulated both by the SceneAPI and the Real-Time Sync Protocol. Both protocols can be implemented as plugins, which access the internal scene model.

In addition of a reference server implementation, a JavaScript library for making connections using the Real-Time Sync Protocol will be provided.

The diagram below describes the overall server architecture and examples of usage: a Web client making a real-time connection, and an external editor application performing REST calls to modify the scene.


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