GIS Data Provider - Geoserver/3D

What it is

This GE is able to host geographical data and serve it in 3D form (where applicaple) to both mobile and web clients. The GE implementation is based on open source Geoserver project (GPL licenced) and W3DS extension. Using the GE consists of two phases.

GIS GE does not restrict the layerstucture nor the datatypes what is being imported into the database. Hence, the GE does not provide import tools universally for all dataformats in the world. As a reference, a dataset from Finnish geographical institute is provided to show how geodata is imported. Using this example it is easy to extend the import process to any dataset you might possess.

Why get it

"3D GIS (Geographic Information System) data provider" is a GE, which is able to serve both outdoor and indoor 3D data. The data shall be served roughly speaking in two fashions:

The GIS GE itself will be build of a server, which is able to process geolocated queries, an extension to it which is able to manage 3D data and a backend database where all geolocated data is saved. Because the GIS GE needs to serve both single user client apps (browsers) and multiuser enabled virtual spaces, an API will be defined to serve fluently both of the cases. In this API is a RESTful one, and allows both the browser app as well as realXtend virtual world platform to use it for downloading geolocated data. Overall, this GE is a simpel way of hosting 3D geographical data for your application.

Avaliable for:


Modules and Interfaces

GIS client is responsible to create html web page which contains XML3D content. Flow starts from the client (end user) web browser, which sends query for displaying 3D GIS data inside defined bounding box. GeoServer receives query and responds with GeoServer W3DS capabilities. GIS client parses W3DS capability information and creates GetScene query based on the information. GetScene query is sent to GeoServer. Query is handled by W3DS module, which fetches 3D GIS data from PostgreSQL database and creates XML3D content based on the fetched data. End result is generated XML3D scene which is sent back to the GIS client where XML3D engine handles rendering of the XML3D content.




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