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POI (Points of interest) Generic Enabler is a web server kit that supports

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POI Generic Enabler makes it relatively easy to

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A RESTful service architecture is defined for hosting and provisioning the POI data. The services provide different functionality for querying, accessing and modifying the POI data. The services are invoked via RESTful APIs using the standard HTTP protocol. As the POI data can be easily distributed due to its modular structure, the natural outcome is that the service architecture can be distributed as well. Different POI service backends can host a different set of POI data components.

The distributed service architecture also enables implementing service composition, i.e. service backends that do not necessarily host any POI data themselves, but instead fetch the POI data from a set of other backends

The POI data can be searched and accessed via RESTful web service APIs. The POI access API enables accessing specific data components for POIs based on the UUIDs of the POI entities. The POI search API provides different spatial search functions for a client to find relevant POIs in a certain location.


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