The FIWARE Catalogue includes links to other catalogues bringing information about domain-specific enablers (DSEs) to be combined with those serving general purposes (Generic Enablers - GE). They may be helpful for those who plan to develop applications in the domains of energy, creative media, smart manufacturing, health and wellbeing and the agrifood sector.

Domain Specific Enablers are divided in 5 categories:


FIWARE is an open initiative aiming to create a sustainable ecosystem of Future Internet Enablers and Digital Platforms to grasp the opportunities emerging with the new wave of digitalization of EU industry and society.

FIWARE provides an enhanced OpenStack-based cloud environment plus a rich set of open standard APIs and OSS components that enables to the full adoption of Future Internet technologies such as Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Service Marketplaces, Advanced multi-media, User Interaction, and Privacy and Security Management.

FIWARE for Industry instantiates and extends FIWARE Technologies towards the implementation of Smart-Digital-Virtual Factories of the Future through an Academy of Industry 4.0 methods and tools, a Lab of Open Source components, a Hub of reference architectures and digital platforms, as well as a Showcase of Industry 4.0 success stories and best practices.

FIWARE for INDUSTRY Enablers Catalogue

2 - FISPACE (Future Internet and the FIspace Platform for Agri-Food)

FIspace is a business-to-business (B2B) collaboration platform. It works like a social network, like LinkedIn or Facebook. Once registered, contacting affiliates is simple, secure and easy. Here is what you can do on FIspace:

FISPACE Enablers Catalogue

3 - FINESCE (Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs)

FINESCE builds on and extends the results of the FI-PPP FINSENY project to realise sustainable real time smart energy services. The consortium includes leading energy and ICT operators, manufacturers and service providers as well as research organisations and SMEs from all over Europe. Together, they contribute directly to strongly focused trials and business innovation. The project features a scale and scope ensuring the FINESCE results will drive the FI-WARE and Future Internet success and long-term exploitation internationally.

FINESCE Enablers Catalogue

4 - MEDIAFI (FIWARE Media&Content)

FIcontent is a EU-funded project that offers FIWARE Enablers dedicated to media and content. These Enablers can be used by developers and SMEs to build their applications for Social Connected TV, Smart City Services or Pervasive Games. FIcontent is part of the FIWARE initiative, which offers Generic Enablers, dedicated to more common issues such as security, cloud infrastructure, etc.

MEDIAFI Enablers Catalogue

5 - FI-STAR (Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research - E-Health)

FI-STAR is a unique opportunity for implementing Future Internet Private-Public Partnership in the Health Care domain, by offering to the community standardised and certified software including a safe, secure and resilient platform, taking advantage of all Cloud Computing benefits and guaranteeing the protection of sensitive and personal data travelling in Public Clouds.

FI-STAR Enablers Catalogue