Generic Enablers (GE) offer a number of general-purpose functions, offered through well-defined APIs, easing development of smart applications in multiple sectors. They will set the foundations of the architecture associated to your application.

Specifications of FIWARE GE APIs are public and royalty-free. You can search for the open source reference implementation, as well as alternative implementations, of each FIWARE GE in the FIWARE Reference Architecture.

Generic Enablers are divided in 7 categories:

1 - Architecture of Applications / Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework

Co-create, publish, cross-sell and consume applications/services, addressing all business aspects.

2 - Cloud Hosting

Provides computation, storage and network resources to manage services.

3 - Data/Context Management

Easing access, gathering, processing, publication and analysis of context information at large scale.

4 - Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND)

Build communication-efficient distributed applications, exploit advanced network capabilities and easily manage robotic devices.

5 - Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement

Make connected things available, searchable, accessible, and usable.

6 - Security

Make delivery and usage of services trustworthy by meeting security and privacy requirements.

7 - Advanced Web-based User Interface

3D & AR capabilities for web-based UI.